Every grooming includes ear cleaning with a veterinary ear cleaner and the following based on owner preference:

hygiene cut, trimming hair under pads, shaved tummy, nail trim.

If an owner requests a severely matted cat’s coat to be brushed out, we will need to evaluate the coat in order to advise if this is going to be possible. Certain coat textures felt when matted and cannot be brushed out. In this case, the only option will be to shave the entire coat down and allow it to grow out again.

If the coat can be brushed out, a matted surcharge may apply, depending on the extent of the matting. Brushing out a severely matted coat takes a lot of time and skill, in order to not injure the cat, or damage the coat.

To keep a long haired cat’s coat in beautiful condition, regular brushing by the owner is essential, together with a monthly professional grooming session.

Long-haired Cats

  • Lion cut
    R 555.00
    Also includes a matted coat to be brushed out (where possible)
  • Lion Cut - sedated
    R 860.00
    Includes brushing out of matted coat (where possible) under sedation
  • Brush Through & Tidy
    R 355.00
    For long coats in good condition. Includes trim of tummy and hygiene cut, if requested.
  • Brush Through-sedated
    R 660.00
    As above, with sedation
  • Longhaired Kitten up to 7 mts
    R 225.00

Short-haired Cats

  • Brush & bath
    R 285.00
  • Brush & bath - sedated
    R 590.00
    Brush & bath – sedated
  • Shorthaired Kitten up to 7 mts
    R 190.00

Special Treatments

  • Microchip
    R 420.00
    Virbac BackHome microchip administered by veterinarian
  • Collection & Delivery
    R 104.00
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