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Whether you have a pedigreed dog or cat, or a much-beloved liquorice- all-sorts, we believe that every dog and cat deserves to look beautiful.


To give you an idea of what the correct breed cut looks like for your pure-bred dog, as well as a pet trim option where applicable, we have provided some examples.

These are pictures of pets in real life and not necessarily recently groomed examples.

When booking your pet in to the Spa, please be as precise in your instructions as possible. ‘A bit shorter’ and ‘not too short’ can be interpreted differently by us, and we want you to be happy with the end result.

If a certain desired cut does not work well with your pet’s particular coat, we will advise you of this and recommend an alternative.


Miniature Schnauzer



Miniature Schnauzer breed cut



This is an example of a short pet trim in a Miniature Schnauzer





This is a Pekingese in full coat



This is an example of a pet trim or teddy cut in a Pekingese.





The Bikini cut : Very short clip, pom-poms on wrists and ankles, short top-knot, shortened ears




Kennel Clip: Short body, fuller legs



Puppy or Teddy clip. The coat is the same length. The length as determined by owner.



The Puppy cut – even trim all over the body, keeping the same length. No top-knot, head blends into body


The cuts shown above are demonstrated on Standard Poodles. Both Miniature and Toy Poodles can have the same cuts. There are a multitude of poodle clips available. The above are some of the more popular cuts but if you prefer a different cut, please let us know, as our groomers are trained in all pet clips.


Scottish Terrior



The Scottish Terrier breed cut.
The hair over the back of this dog is hand-stripped, which is generally impractical in a non show dog



This Scottie has been pet trimmed and looks very dapper.


Shih Tzu



Shih Tzu in pet or teddy trim



Shih Tzu in puppy coat



A magnificent Shih Tzu in full show





This English Cocker Spaniel is sporting a pet trim, with shortened ears, feathers and skirt. A practical look for the busy, energetic dog.



This beautiful English Cocker Spaniel is showing off a show breed cut.





These two cute West Highland Terriers demonstrate their breed’s cut nicely. Their ‘skirt’ (hair below their tummies) has been kept short in this example, but can be kept as long as you desire.

The tips of the ears can either be shaved 1/3 length from the top, or just the very tip shaved.





This is an example of a Yorkshire Terrier in show coat.It requires a lot of care and attention to remain in this condition.



This is an example of a pet trim or teddy cut. The hair is kept the same length all over and the face is trimmed as short as the owner desires


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