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One of the most important things a new puppy owner can do for their pup is to join a puppy socialisation class. This helps to ensure that you have a happy, well balanced and obedient dog that will fit into your family environment. You and your puppy learn together and build a special bond that enhances your ownership experience.

Although there are many benefits to puppy classes, the main ones involve providing the new puppy owner with the skills to cope with their new pup, the puppy with the basics of obedience and to teach the puppy how to interact correctly with other breeds of puppies. The course lasts for 5 weeks and each class is an hour in length.

Classes are done when the puppy is between eight and sixteen weeks of age. During this small window a puppy learns more than it does in the whole rest of its life – this is an extremely important time in its development! The more that you can safely expose the puppy to in this period, the more likely the pup is to turn out to be a well adjusted adult.

Puppy classes use positive reinforcement as a reward method for training. This builds the desire in the puppy to want to work. By providing a solid obedience base the puppy will be easier to train as it gets older and the handler will find the puppy easier to manage.

The environment is relaxed and fun and allows the puppy to develop confidence and learn. Everyone will enjoy themselves.

We recommend the following two experienced and well-regarded trainer:

Amanda Pybus www.smartpuppy.co.za   I   083 306 4599.


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