Our groomers are experienced in both breed-specific and general dog grooming. If you aren’t sure what cut would best suit your dog, allow us to advise you.

We specialise in cat grooming and can offer sedated grooming for cats where required, administered and supervised by our veterinarian.


Your pet’s comfort is assured in a tranquil and climate controlled atmosphere.

Cats benefit from dedicated cat-only spa mornings – ideal for nervous cats, or cats not used to being around dogs.

Discerning dogs can choose from four aromatherapy massages and/or a hydrotherapy spa bath.

Our custom-built spa bath maintains the water temperature at an ideal temperature to relax muscle spasms and ease aching joints. Ideal for older or arthritic pets, after surgery, or as a general relaxing tonic. Dogs simply love it!

Your pet’s safety, well-being and comfort is our priority.


We created Twisted Whiskers Pet Spa to provide the discerning owner with a grooming parlour that is run to exacting standards – because dogs and cats deserve no less.

You will be assisted in your pet’s grooming options by enthusiastic pet-lovers who will take special care of your pet throughout its stay with us.

Our staff are dedicated, compassionate, experienced and skilled. They will take care of your FurKid as if he were their own!

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