Miniature Schnauzer
This is an example of a short pet trim in a Miniature Schnauzer
This is an example of a pet trim or teddy cut in a Pekingese.
Scottish Terrior
The hair over the back of this dog is hand-stripped.
Poodle: Kennel Clip
Short body, fuller legs
Poodle: Bikini Cut
Very short clip, pom-poms on wrists and ankles, short top-knot, shortened ears
Poodle: Puppy or Teddy Clip
The coat is the same length. The length as determined by owner.

The cuts shown above are demonstrated on Standard Poodles. Both Miniature and Toy Poodles can have the same cuts. There are a multitude of poodle clips available. The above are some of the more popular cuts but if you prefer a different cut, please let us know, as our groomers are trained in all pet clips.

Shih Tzu

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