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Top-rated Pet Deli & Pet Spa in Randburg, Bryanston and surrounds.

Everything Your Pet Needs, In One Place.

Pet Food, Treats, Toys, Pet Grooming and Pet Limo services.

Pet Deli

Our Deli has everything your pet needs: all our selected, scientifically based pet diets (including veterinary-only prescription diets, only available through registered veterinary establishments), toys and accessories have been carefully chosen to promote the optimal physical and mental health of your pet.

Pet Spa & Grooming

Our expert groomers are trained to international standards in both breed and general grooming. We specialise in cat grooming and pay extra attention to your pet’s comfort. Their well-being and safety is our highest priority.


Pet Limo

Unable to bring your pets to our Spa? Why not have them chauffeur-driven to us in our custom-built, comfortable and air conditioned Pet Limo, that features Skytrax as an added safety feature? A single fee applies per household, irrespective of number of pets being transported.

Pet Spa & Pet Grooming

When it comes to dog and cat grooming, we are the best in the business. Our Spas have been designed by owner, Dr Katja Bier, to veterinary standards and nothing has been overlooked.

We have created a calming, air-conditioned and peaceful environment that is conducive to relaxation and an enjoyable outing for your pet .

Our clients are encouraged to watch their pet’s grooming through our large viewing windows.

Pet Deli

We have made shopping for your pets’ fun again. Our friendly staff are trained to give personalised nutritional, health and general care advice.

Come in and experience the difference! Select from top quality vet approved foods, cuddly beds, beautiful accessories and funky toys.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Let us know and we will gladly source it for you.

For your convenience, we also deliver purchases made online to your home. No delivery charge within a 15km radius of our branches.

Our Furry Clients

Service Area

Hobart, Bryanston & Ferndale, Johannesburg

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